This clip is about the Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland, and shows some features of the school including athletics and the chapel.The clip opens on a title card that says Annapolis. Annapolis (Naval Academy) insignia, then cut to an aerial shot of the academy with part of the wing visible. On ground, some sailors run in LS near some boats. Dissolve to the sailors on sailboats, raising the sails, then shots of the boats in the harbor. ELS of the academy from the water. Shot of Mahan Hall, then shot of a plaque that says USS Delaware. A tilt up shows a bust of Tecumseh (not actually Tecumseh, the midshipmen just call it that). ELS inside a grand gymnasium at Annapolis and teams playing basketball on the floor. LS from the ground, then shot of some of the crowd clapping. ELS of gymnastics exercises, including one brief shot of a man climbing up a rope. Shot of rows of football players doing exercises (looks like they are pedaling in the air). Brief shot of a goat (Bill the Goat is their mascot). More football (tackling) exercises, then shots inside a classroom. Men are gathered around a table filled with water and a model boat as the professor speaks. Shots in the mess hall, including midshipmen eating in uniform. Midshipmen in formation walking around the grounds of the academy. They march inside the chapel. MS of an old man playing a church organ with stained glass windows in BG.