This appears to be a promotional video for the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.Begins with WS aerial of uniformed cadets in formation on a football field. Cuts to 2 men holding their mascot, a goat, and wearing yellow and blue striped polo shirts. The football team then charges in and the 2 men run with the goat. The football players run through lines of uniformed cadets clapping and cheering. PAN of the audience, mostly uniformed cadets, many hold a foam thumbs up. Cuts to the football players on the field, they snap the ball and a member of the Naval Academy runs with the ball. Cuts to the band playing on the field. Various shots of the band playing. Cuts to a female walking down a diving board, she jumps, does a flip, and dives into the water. A male driver does flips and dives into the pool. Another shot of the man doing a flip off the board and diving. Ends with MS of Tecumseh, a Native American folk hero.