A promotional video for the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. CU of the dome of the United States Naval Academy, zoom out to show a building next to a river. A sailboat is on the water and men begin singing about the navy. Cuts to the Naval Academy campus, people walk on the sidewalks. Various shots of men and women in uniform walking through campus. Cuts to a professor pointing at a math formula on a blackboard. CU of a switchboard, zoom out to show a male student adjusting buttons on the machine. PAN down of various orange screens, possibly measuring wavelengths or radar signals. Cuts to 2 students sitting in front of the screens and adjusting various knobs. Cuts to another student at a machine, he adjusts cords and knobs. Cuts to another student on the same machine. CU of his hands touching a lit up screen. Cuts to a physical training session with Navy men and women. They all wear matching white shirts and tube socks. They perform jumping jacks, bicycles, sit ups, and sprints. Great shot of the cadets sprinting in straight lines and opposite directions. Cuts to cadets in sailor uniforms running along a river, as they run off a sail enters the shot, zoom out to show cadets in a sailboat on the water. CU PAN of the sail and the cadets in the boat. Ends with WS of the boat on the water.