B&W footage taken by the army during WWI in France. Depicts the deadliest battle in American history, the Meuse-Argonne Offensive.

Intertitle says "Our Artillery ( at the top of the slope) under shell-fire." LS of men and horses walking down a dirt road while bombs go off in the FG. The horizon and trees are visible in the BG. Very peaceful despite the smoke and explosions. Some shots have people in the field running from the explosions. WS of soldiers carrying another soldier on a stretcher down the road. Soldiers heavy with gear crouch down and move down the road. Soldiers run acroos the frame, there is a smoldering building in the BG. People and horses flee a burning village. The buildings are smoking and demolished. ELS of a building, possibly a church, exploding. A village is burning, the shots are almost completely obscured by smoke. Intertitle says "Pressing on, the American Army reached its obective." Various shots of soldiers and horses marching down the road. A still of a rough map that includes areas such as Sedan (France), first phase, second phase, and the railway. Intertitle says "Our main objective, the railway near Sedan." Quick shot of some men walking down a deserted railway. A picture of the United States of America War Office emblem. Intertitle says " 'War in China'." Intertitle says " Shanghai... Mistress of the East. " Aerial shot of Shanghai. The port is visible.