B&W footage taken by the army during WWI in France. Depicts the deadliest battle in American history, the Meuse-Argonne Offensive.

Intertitle says "The Meuse-Argonne Offensive." Next title says "Official films of the signal corps of the U.S. Army taken under action and service conditions in France." Next title "The German position in Northern France depended on two main railways. The Southern line thru Sedan was the objective in America's greatest battle." Next title "Concentrating for the Meusea-Argonne." Army trucks slowly drive down a dirt road while a soldier walks besides them. More soldiers walk through water and mud towards the camera, heavy with equipment. Men on horses and in wagons walk down the road with army trucks. Intertitle says "Waiting for the zero hour." MS of soldiers looking out of trenches in anticipation. A few soldiers fire a cannon. A WS of the same cannon firing while people scramble around. MS of soldiers firing a ground mounted machine gone in a field. Intertitle says " The inferno through which our troops had to pass." LSs of soldiers running through fields while bombs go off, lots of smoke. MS of a tank firing towards the camera. CS of the same tank. Intertitle says "The advance was rapid thru the open country." Some WSs of small bombs going off in fields.