There is no sound. Title card reads, "Germany" with the United Press logo in the background. A line of Norwegian soldiers are saluted by an officer riding in a truck. The Norwegian soldiers march through the street while the British, German, and Norwegian flags are flying in the background upon tall poles. There is a close-up on the general as he watches on. Soldiers salute the Norwegian flag as it is lowered. Next is a new scene. It is low lit and nighttime. Tanks are firing rocks into the night and every shot illuminates the darkness. Next is a shot of a tank firing its weapon off-screen. The next cuts are to several hillsides covered in smoke from the rockets and canons. Next is a long shot of tanks and soldiers walking through trenches and dugout shelters. Concludes with a stirring image of a knife embedded into the dirt in the foreground while the hill lies barren in the background.