This clip contains footage of WW2 and testimony from UK and American soldiers. Begins with shots of soldiers in trenches, some have rifles at the ready, other listen to radios, soldiers stand behind a wall while a soldier cleans himself with water, another soldier shaves in his trench. Cuts to MS of soldiers exiting a tank. Cuts to MS of soldiers running through smoke. LS of a destroyed city, civilians walk through. Cuts to MS of soldiers on top of a tank that drives down a street. Various shots of planes flying, firing, explosions, and CU of pilots. Cuts to WS of a beach filled with soldiers. MCU of a high ranking officer pointing at a map with another soldier. Cuts to PAN of the beach showing the troops and equipment. MCU of two soldiers reading off a notebook. Various shots of military equipment on the beach, tanks drive by as soldiers march, a barge carries soldiers and tanks to shore. MS of men carrying wounded soldiers onto barge. Various shots of troops marching, WS of soldiers’ silhouettes atop a hill. 2 MCU of men firing canons. MS of 2 soldiers walking, one has his arm around the other as he limps. Ends with shots of troops in trenches.