This clip contains footage of WW2 and testimony from British and American soldiers. Begins with MS to MCU of a man waving flags on top of a military car. Cuts to various shots of smoke billowing from military equipment. WS of planes flying, aerial shots of bombs dropping. MCU of 2 soldiers in a trench, one looks through binoculars. WS of a hillside covered in smoke. Cuts to WS aerial view of a sunken bridge, various shots of the bridge and soldiers. Cuts to various shots of soldiers loading equipment and marching. MCU of 2 soldiers, one looks through binoculars. Various shots of a bridge and soldiers crossing it, some run, others drive in tanks and jeeps, CU of soldiers’ faces. CU of a sign: ‘Cross the Rhine with Dry Feet Courtesy of 9th Arm’d Div.’ WS of fighter planes. MCU of a bomb dropping from a plane. Aerial shot of a bomb exploding. Various shots of soldiers piling into ships. MS of a fighter plane. CU of a pilot. MS of an explosion. Cuts back to the soldiers in the ships crossing the water. CU of soldiers’ faces. MS as soldiers exit the boats and march on shore.