This clip contains footage of WW2, soldiers in Arnhem, Holland and testimony from American soldiers. Begins with various shots of troops in action, 2 soldiers collect items in a field, a soldier holding a rifle runs down the street, troops march past a destroyed car. Dissolve to WS of planes flying. Cuts to MS of 2 American planes landing in a field. Cuts to CU of a soldier holding a rifle. Cuts to WS of fighter planes in the air. WS of a plane crashing into a field. Various CU of soldiers. Cuts to MS of a tank carrying soldiers drives down a road. Cuts to various shots of a bridge in Arnhem. Various crosscuts of soldiers and damaged buildings. CU of a sign for Arnhem. Various MCU of soldiers in trenches, one loads a cannon, another throws a grenade. MCU of an explosion. MS of parachuted supplies falling to the ground. MCU of soldiers opening packages. Cuts to WS of a plane crash. MS of soldiers, PAN as 2 carry a dead body on a stretcher. Cuts to various MCU of soldiers in trenches, one holds a rifle, 2 soldiers talk, a soldier listens to a radio, others read from papers. Cuts to a drawing of Arnhem, American, British and Nazi flags indicate seized areas, zoom in of Antwerp and Walcheren.