This newsreel contains footage of political unrest in the Congo between Kasavubu, Lamoomba, and Colonel Mobutu. Also contains footage of citizens rebelling in Japan.Begins with CU of Kasavubu walking towards the camera. Cuts to CU of Lamoomba speaking with someone. Various shots of troops sent by the UN. Some are carrying supplies and walk in front of the camera, others take heavy bags off the back of a truck, others march in unison. A bus filled with soldiers drives by, one soldier hangs out the window and waves at the camera. Cuts to Colonel Mobutu in uniform. WS of the Russian Embassy in the Congo, soldiers stand outside it. Shot of a man leaving the embassy and a car driving off the property. Cuts to interior of a boardroom. CU of Lamoomba sitting at a table closing a notebook, Kasavubu has him put under house arrest. Cuts to Casa Boo Boo exiting a plane, he is greeted with a kiss on the cheek by a woman standing on the tarmac. Shots of Kasavubu and uniformed officials walking down the tarmac, many people and paparazzi walk with them. Cuts to CU of Lamoomba in the back of a car. His arms are being tied behind him by a man in uniform and another man holds him by the hair, soldiers in BG. Cuts to Casa Boo Boo walking down a street where soldiers stand holding rifles. Inter title: Citizens in Revolt. WS of a massive crowd, a group cuts down the middle, many in the crowd hold parasols/ umbrellas. MCU of uniformed officials fighting with citizens in the crowd. WS of the massive amount of leftist demonstrators filling a square, many stand atop a roof holding umbrellas. MCU of uniformed men carrying out a man in a suit from a building. Cuts to a group of men carrying an older man to the microphone. The old man quickly grabs it and begins speaking, commotion still occurring all around him.