Contains footage of Alexander P. de Seversky testing his ionocraft model, and Joan Merriam returning after a solo trip around the world.New York. Alexander P. de Seversky stands holding a wooden contraption attached to string. CU of the contraption which appears to have various toothpicks glued into a formation, demonstrating his ionocraft. He stands by a computer and the ionocraft is hoisted up the the strings. Seversky adjusts a joystick and the craft moves. He then stands underneath the machine and blows steam underneath it. California. Joan Merriam Smith’s plane lands at the Oakland Airport after a solo flight around the world. Cameramen stand around her plane. She stands outside it and waves. The paparazzi snap photos. She walks off the tarmac followed by people She sits in a room full of paparazzi and journalists. She is seated in front of microphones. CU of her certificate. She holds a glove above her head.