This clip contains various POV shots of ways to get to Berkeley. Begins on a tarmac as a small plane drives on the runway. WS of Oakland Airport. WS of San Francisco International Airport. PAN of cars and a bus driving down a highway. Cuts to Redwood Highway 101, cars drive past as Redwood trees line the road. A man carrying crates walks through a vineyard. MCU of a woman’s hands lifting a bushel of green grapes. LS of the Richmond Bridge. POV driving shot on US 40, 2 signs show: Berkeley US 40 and Oakland US 50. WS snow capped Mount Shasta then Shasta Dam. Cuts to Sacramento, capitol building visible in BG. A man driving an old style wagon drives down the street. Cuts to cars driving over a stone bridge. WS of snow capped Sierra Mountains. POV driving shot through a tunnel, Lake Tahoe on the right. PAN of Lake Tahoe. WS of the Sierras through a valley. Cuts to a man sitting on a rock look through trees to the lake. POV driving shot. Quick shot of capitol building in Berkeley. Driving POV down highway, 2 signs read: US 40 San Francisco, and US 99 Woodland.