Footage of The Beatles arriving in New York City.News in Brief. New York City. A plane arrives at a tarmac. On the airport roof stands a large crowd waving and cheering. The Beatles exit the Pan Am flight and down the airstairs, they wave. Paul McCartney give a thumbs up. Police officers and paparazzi line the tarmac, the cheering teens are visible above. The Beatles stand in front of microphones as paparazzi sit around them. They dance and act silly. Cuts to exterior London street with police officers, one is on a horse. Teenage girls line the gate screaming for The Beatles. One holds a poster: Elvis is Dead. Long Live The Beatles. Another says: We Love You Never Leave Us with their picture. PAN of the screaming girls. Ringo, Lennon, and McCartney leave a hotel and enter a car. The 3 stand on a structure in central park. Ms of paparazzi with their cameras. The 3 pose with arms extended and McCartney yells.