This clip contains footage of a hostage situation in the Congo, and Harlem residence angered at the murder of a black teenager by a white police officer. Begins with Kasavubu walking with military men. CU of a man with a statue of a deity on his shoulder. LS of Kasavubu walking with military men, on either side of the path stand armed soldiers. Aerial shots of the Congo from a helicopter. POV driving shot down a highway, a tank drives in front, PAN of bodies on the street. Cuts to a dirt pathway, armed men walk along it with Christophe G’Benye (leader of Self Styled Congo People’s Republic). LS of a tank driving down a dirt road, thick vegetation on either side. Shots of soldiers running into position in front of a house, each carries a rifle, one fires. POV driving shot. A tank makes a turn in the road, while other people stand together, a woman smokes a cigarette next to a soldier. Cuts to various dead bodies covered with white sheets. CU of murdered Dr. Paul Carlson. A soldier stands among a group of seated black men, various shots of the men. CU of Stanleyville sign. Various shots of US soldiers on a tarmac and US Air Force planes. MCU of hostages exiting a plane, one man is carried out on a gurney. A group of men come together and hug. Cuts to a city street at night, a police car turns down a road. MS of a sidewalk where a mostly black crowd walks. Shot of the crowd running off the sidewalk. A large congregation of people stand in the street. MS of a black man holding up a piece of paper with a white officer’s picture titled: Wanted for Murder, zoom in of the paper. PAN of police cars with sirens.