Footage of the Berlin Wall being opened for visitors for the first time. The Wall Opens East Germans Visit West After 3 Years. WS of Berlin. PAN of a group of people lined up, one woman has a stroller. Guards open a fence into East Berlin. A family with a stroller push towards the gate, followed by many people who hold their passports. People walk through the open fence. An old couple walk with their arms linked. Sign: You are leaving the American Sector, followed by Russian, French, then German. PAN over the wall of East Berlin. A train enters a station where a crowd awaits. MS of women standing and smiling, they anxiously await the East Berliners arrival. Women run towards each other and embrace. LS of a train entering a station where a crowd awaits them. CU of a sign in German. MS of 2 men embracing, one cries. 2 elderly women hug and smile. Various shots of people embracing and smiling. Cuts to interior of East Berlin looking through a barbed wire fence to the West. A man and woman runs towards the fence to the East and greets an elderly woman in a wheelchair. She stands up and is helped by the man and woman. A group of people walk as an elderly woman pushes a child in a stroller, PAN to the leaving American sector sign. An elderly man in a military suit walks with a cane with an elderly woman who carries a suitcase and has a scarf around her hair. MS of a decaying building. LS of the elderly couple walking down the sidewalk.