This clip contains footage of Kennedy winning the Presidency, riots in Japan, and Algeria, and the beginning of the construction of the Berlin Wall. Begins with the end of MacArthur’s farewell speech. WS of Washington DC. MS of a newspaper company, men sit at tables writing, one smokes a pipe, desks in BG. Various shots of the newsroom including men at desks, a man wearing headphones and smoking a pipe, another stands next to newly printed papers. PAN of newly printed papers in a machine. A man takes a bunch in his arms. WS of streets. Cuts to a parade for Eisenhower. MS PAN of him waving out of a convertible, police in BG, spectators clap. Cuts to Algeria, French forces stand near a tank, one throws a grenade. WS of a street with rubble, protesters crowd near the back and a small boy stands alone. French troops march behind tanks that fire into a crowd. Aerial shot of French forces, 2 men help a trampled comrade. MS of then General Charles De Gaulle walking through a crowd, he shakes some hands. Various shots of French troops in the street, some run. MS of a bus driving over the sidewalk, running over trees and finally crashing into a building. Cuts to a huge crowd of Japanese citizens, they have tied a rope to a gate and pull on it in unison. PAN of the speaker of the Japanese parliament being carried to the podium. Cuts to John F. Kennedy sitting in a car with Jacqueline Bouvier waving. WS of a cheering crowd. MS of Nixon shaking hands with people. News ticker passes: Kennedy Takes Lead in New... MS of Kennedy walking up steps of the White House and shaking hands with Eisenhower. MS of the 2 shaking hands, Eisenhower gives the peace sign. Cuts to a map of West and East Germany, zoom in to Berlin. Various shots of German citizens; an old woman with a head scarf, a boy on a stroller, families walking with supplies, people boarding a plane. A plane taking off. A train enters a station, people begin boarding, a woman holds a young girl in her arms. Troops using jackhammers on the ground to start the construction of the Berlin Wall. MS of troops in a field lifting a wooden beam. MS of troops around barbed wire. A group of young men stand around a few soldiers, one of the soldiers pushes a man. MS of West Berlin Mayor Willy Brandt walking near the Wall. An East Berlin officer shines a flashlight into the camera. Dramatic scene of an elderly woman hanging out a window, a man holds her hand and people below her try to support her, she ends up falling. PAN of a man jumping from a building in front of troops. Troops walk past barbed wire. 2 women run towards a barbed wire fence, men open the fence as the women run through, one’s sweater and face are caught. MS of the recently escaped girls walking with the men who helped them, one girls face has cuts.