This clip details changes of power in several countries, as well as the deaths of important heads of state, in 1969. A man moves off camera as it pans up to show a painting of Charles de Gaulle when he was younger. Cut to the man himself entering the room, this time in his seventies and resigning the presidency. He shakes hands with men and then goes into a poll to vote. Georges Pompidou, voted President of France as a result of the elections that year, walks down some stairs and is handed some flowers by a small child. Cut to a rapid zoom out in a council hall in West Germany. Willy Brandt is shown from behind shaking hands with Kurt Georg Kiesinger, the former Chancellor of West Germany. Men in the crowd shuffle to leave. The US Capitol building is shown. Cut to a flag-covered coffin. Shots of Eisenhower in his younger days as a general. His coffin covered in the American flag with soldiers standing at attention before it. Shots of North Vietnamese flags hanging from a low building, then to two Vietnamese men reading the newspaper. The newspaper, with Ho Chi Minh’s photograph on the page. Shots at the funeral of Mary Jo Kopechne; Ted Kennedy is shown at the funeral. Los Angeles Mayor Sam Yorty is shown after winning mayorship once more.