This newsreel contains footage of reactions to the threat of hydrogen bombs and a protest in East Berlin. Begins with WS of a cannon firing into the distance, a mushroom cloud is seen. Cuts to interior of an office, many woman with phone operating devices around their ears stand around a table, they place labels on a large map. Cuts to many people walking in a line towards a shelter zone. MS of a classroom as students get out of their chairs and duck under their desks. A teacher walks around students who are covering themselves. Cuts to WS of a very large crowd in East Berlin, a man carries a sign and a fire can be seen in BG. MS of the crowd, in FG a sign states: ‘You Are Leaving the American Sector’ in English, Russian, French and German. MS of the crowd as they grab at leaflets falling from an unknown high location. MS of tanks driving down a street. Cuts to MS of a group of men carrying a wounded man. MS of a tank surrounded by people. Cuts to MS as a policeman marches a man through the crowd, people in the crowd push at the officer. MS of people running down the street. MS of a burning building. LS of a street with tanks and army personnel. MS of a train entering Berlin. Cuts to food being lifted from a ship. Various shots of people, mostly women, in a line for food. MS of people at a table taking cans. MS of a woman filling a baby stroller with cans of food, she then places a blanket on top of the food, and then the baby on the blanket. CU of the baby. Ms as a family walks across a bridge with the sign saying they are leaving the American Sector. Cuts to MS of soldiers marching in Korea. Ends with MCU of soldiers.