1st Pictures- H-Bomb- Awful Destruction Revealed in Tests (part 2 of 2); We see Jeeps evacuating workers as the time to explosion approaches. A plywood tube filled with Helium houses instruments to record data from the explosion. There are images of the officials inside the ship, and others standing on the deck who put on protective goggles as instructed. The camera zooms in on the explosion site as the countdown nears one. Immediately a hemisphere of fire appears, apparently three miles in diameter. The shock wave comes at the ship from thirty five miles away causing the camera to shake. Then a wide shot of the geyser of fire reaching twenty five miles into the stratosphere and spreading into a hundred mile wide mushroom cloud. A close-up shot of the cloud reveals its cauliflower-like texture. We are warned that radioactive ash will fall down on top of the camera in about an hour. Quickly, helicopters fly near the atoll to get a glimpse of the damage. Then a shot of the ocean and sky nearby, uninterestedly continuing as of before.