WS of women and children waving from the ship’s deck. A woman carrying a baby walks towards the stairs connecting to the dock, a woman walks next to her and places her hand on her back. Several women descend the stairs from the boat. Cuts to a woman exiting a bus and embracing a man waiting outside it, they hug so tightly his hat nearly comes off; behind them a woman exits holding her baby. A woman exits the bus and a man kisses her. Cuts to a woman running out of a building and into the arms of a service man. Cuts to a man in uniform and a woman holding a baby, they stand in front of a podium with microphones and discuss British women marrying American men, behind them hangs a Red Cross Flag. MCU of another couple, the man is in uniform, and she smiles at him. Another couple stands at the microphones, the man holds a baby and the blonde woman in a fur coat speaks. Cuts to a couple standing closely together in front of a microphone, he is in uniform, they talk and laugh and he holds and tries to kiss her but knocks her hat off.