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Begins with CU of 2 men shaking hands and smiling on an airplane, zoom out. Cuts to CU of man reuniting with a woman and crying. Cuts to MS PAN of US Air Force plane moving on runway. Cuts to MS of airplane door open with attached stairs. Cuts MCU of POW exiting plane, waving, walking down the stairs, and saluting then shaking hands with a man in a white uniform. Cuts to MS of another POW walking down the steps, saluting and shaking the hands of the man in the white uniform, shaking hands with a man in a suit, and another man in a uniform. Cuts to MCU of a man in uniform approaching a group of women who place a lei around his neck. Cuts to MCU of a man in uniform shaking hands with another man in uniform approaching the girls who adorn him with a lei and he kisses them on the cheek. Cuts to to a MS of a man in uniform with a lei around his neck kissing the cheek of a woman.