Begins with MS PAN of bus with POWs moving through street, zoom out, bus parks in front of building, people are outside. Cuts to MS of POWs exiting bus, all are dressed in dark blue pants with light blue long sleeve shirts, zoom out to show building and people. Cuts to MCU of man talking into microphone with people in helmets behind him, PAN to man coming forward and shaking hand of man in military uniform. Cuts to MS of another man coming forward to shake military man’s hand. Cuts to MS of Air Force service men and women standing in FG with bus and building in BG. Cuts to MCU of men in airplane, many are reading newspapers. Cuts to CU of man giving camera thumbs up, he puts glasses back on. Cuts to MS of the men in the airplane cheering and smiling, zoom in to 2 men shaking hands and smiling.