This newsreel contains footage of Eisenhower speaking, military life during the Korean War, weapon firing and warfare. Begins with PAN of seated soldiers. Cuts to Eisenhower speaking into various microphones. MS of soldiers marching down a path. MCU of a soldier loading his gun. Another soldier looks through the aperture of a machine gun. MS as a soldier cuts another soldier’s hair. MS of a hillside with a trench, a soldier runs towards the camera. Cuts to a soldier exiting a trench and firing a weapon. Various shots of soldiers using weapons, one shoots a rifle inside a trench, another throws a grenade, another fires a machine gun inside a trench. CU of a soldier firing a machine gun. WS of a plane dropping bombs, a large explosion is seen. MS as a soldier climbs up a hill towards his platoon, he stands and catches his breath. Various shots of soldiers sitting together and talking. Cuts to WS of a plane flying in and out of focus.