Footage of President Harry S. Truman being sworn into office. He puts his hand on a bible, swears his oath, then kisses the bible. Cut to a sign reading “Lamar”. Shots of large, suburban houses. Still of a group of young soldiers. Close up still of one of the soldiers, possibly Truman. Combat footage of World War I. Soldiers go “over the top” and charge into no man’s land through barbed wire and artillery fire. Many shots of explosions. Shot of soldiers marching in formation, carrying rifles and flags. Shot of Truman holding two Champaign bottles at an outdoor garden party. Shot of military trucks followed by shots of Truman meeting with officials. Shot of a political rally with crowds holding signs reading “Truman for Vice President”. Shots of a funeral procession in Washington DC, possibly Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s. Shots of the US Capitol Building and the Washington Monument.