This clip contains footage during WWII.Begins with quick shots of British troops. Some ride with cargo, another loads weaponry on a plane, another enters a plane, this is repeated. Various shots of propellers beginning to spin. WS of planes taking off. Various shots of soldiers loading and firing cannons, and shooting guns on the ground and in tanks. WS of a destroyed town, the troops walk through it. Dissolve to an illustration of Europe, American and British flags are painted. Cuts to troops looking and pointing at a map. Cuts back to the illustrated map, zoom in to a location with American and British flags. Various shots of soldiers loading cannons, a camouflage net hangs over the troops. Various shots of ammunition being loaded. A soldier enters a fighter plane, CU of the soldier. More shots of ammunition being loaded. WS of fighter jets taking off. MS of a cannon being raised. Various shots of soldiers, one looks away, another is laying on his stomach in the grass, another smokes a cigarette while standing on the side of the road, another looks through the aperture in his gun, CU of a black soldier. Cuts to 2 soldiers with a machine gun, cuts to a cannon. MS of the two soldiers and the machine gun, both wear helmets. One of them counts down from 3 with a gloved hand. Cuts to various cannons firing. Cuts to fighter jets firing weapons. Ends with an explosion on the ground.