Shot of a green military plane taking off of a runway. Shot from underneath, on the wheel. Shot of a turbine. Shot of the plane over green countryside. Shot of the pilot inside, wearing a helmet. Shot of a scope and a handful of other planes in the distance. Shot of a machine gun on the plane being loaded and being forcefully fired. Shot of a plane far in the distance. Shot of a plane with several men sitting on it and standing around it slowly rolling on the runway. The pilot smiles and waves. Shot of other men gesturing on the plane. Shot of planes from beneath. Closeup shot of a man’s face on the plane. Dark shot of a man shooting a weapon. Shaky shot of another plane. Closeup of the man again. Shot of a plane from underneath. Shot of men aiming a weapon on the plane. Shot of bombs slowly dropping. Shot of man at the weapon. Shot out the plane window, where many planes are visible.