This clip contains footage and stills of Churchill, many with a cheering crowd, and footage of assembly lines and weaponry.Begins with various stills of Churchill: 2 of him speaking to a crowd (his hand extended), CU of him looking into the camera, CU of him from below, he wears glasses and is standing at a microphone, one of him smiling and giving the peace sign. Cuts to people walking their bicycles down a path. WS of a plane manufacturer. Various shots of assembly lines, including weaponry created in the US. Various shots of different weaponry, including cannons, tanks and machine guns. WS of various lined tanks. Cuts to various shots of men fixing sidewalks and fountains after a recent bombing. Pan of the only part of a church left standing. Cuts to Churchill with a cane walking with 2 other men through the wreckage. Panning shot of the church and Churchill standing with a priest and another man. Shots of the wreckage and debris. A group of men pull out wooden planks and throw them into a pile. Cuts to Churchill walking down the street, he smiles and removes his hat, a large crowd walks behind him, and people cheering on either side. MS of people cheering, a boy claps, a man removes his hat. Pan of smiling women holding the British flag. MS of men, possibly miners, waving their hats as Churchill passes by them. Churchill walks past a group and shakes a woman’s hand. He stands among a group of smiling men and removes his hat, his cigar still smoking. Ends with him walking with a crowd as he balances his hat on his cane.