This clip contains footage of the monarch visiting recently bombed places in England, Churchill meeting with officers of the military, and Churchill speaking at the US Congress.Begins with various shots of burning buildings. Firefighters use hoses to extinguish the flames. Churchill VO. MS of a woman lifting rubble from the ground. A nurse holds the hand of a soldier as she walks over rubble. Cuts to King George VI and Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon walking down the street, a crowd walks behind them. The pair walk through the wreckage of a recent bombing. There is a panning shot of a crowd that watches the royal couple. George and Elizabeth are seen talking to an elderly woman. Various shots of the couple surrounded by rubble, and people working to clear the debris. Still (possibly a painting) of Churchill standing among the wreckage. Fade in to Churchill riding in a tank, his head is out and he takes off his hat as a salute to the crowd around him; he smokes a cigar and smiles. Cuts to him walking along an army commander in a desertscape, Churchill flashes the peace sign. LS of him and the commander walking down a road, soldiers stand on either side. Cuts to Churchill at a table surrounded by officers, he smokes a cigar and drinks from a glass (beer most likely). CU of him and the officer talking, Churchill wears large sunglasses. Cuts to Churchill being helped out of a military plane by an officer, Churchill salutes a man then shakes his hand. He walks with officers through a cemetery. MCU of Churchill smoking a cigar by a river. Various officers crowd around, one holds binoculars. Cuts to an audience in the US Congress clapping. Churchill stands at the center and delivers a speech.