This clip contains footage of Churchill and Hitler speaking, fighter planes in battle, and pilots.Begins with Churchill speaking before a group of men about the war waged by Germany. Cuts to Hitler speaking, Nazis stand behind him. Cuts back to Churchill speaking to the same men, “It will not be by German hands that the structure of Europe will be rebuilt, or the union of the European family achieved. Cuts to Churchill exiting a plane. LS of planes’ propellers spinning. MCU of Churchill standing in a field smoking in a cigar. 3 shots of different plane propellers spinning. LS of planes taking off. Various shots of planes in flight. CU of damaged wings. MS of a plane dropping bombs. POV of a diving plane. More footage of planes firing at each other. One plane crashes into the ocean. A diving shot of a plane. More CU of damaged wings. Another POV shot. Various fighter plane footage. Cuts to 3 pilots addressing a man at a desk, the pilots wear life vests and smoke cigarettes.