This newsreel contains footage about England’s withdrawing troops from Suez, Egypt after mass opposition and moving to Cypress, where opposition also occurred, French troops in Algeria and the revolution led by Gamal Abdel Nasser, and Israel fighting Egyptian troops to gain control of the Gaza Strip. Begins with shirtless British troops loading cargo boxes into a truck as they leave Suez. CU of a sign: Headquarters British Troops in Egypt with a lion on it. More shirtless men stack cargo boxes. MS of 2 of the shirtless men placing items into the cargo box, they wear black berets. Cuts to British troops in battle in Cypress, they are loading canons on a mountainside; it is very dusty. WS of the mountainside. A soldier shoots a rifle. Various shots of British soldiers walking with POWs, their hands held behind their backs. Cuts to French troops in Algeria, a group of them sit on top of a tank, one looks through binoculars, another holds the gun on top. Cuts to French troops walking with Algerians, many wear turbans and walk with their hands on their heads down a dirt road. CU of 2 boys with hands on their heads. CU of one man, the French troops poke at his face and head. WS of the Suez Canal, MS of a large ship. Cuts to MS of Gamal Abder Nasser on a balcony passionately speaking into a microphone, men stand around him. WS of a massive crowd, many hold signs with Arabic writing. Cuts to a man and woman in uniform walking as they hold the end of a stick carrying a wrapped up cord. MS of an elderly man using pliers to twist barbed wire, soldiers stand around him. MS of soldiers digging holes with shovels, one man has an eye patch. MS of a female nurse holding the head of a boy in a hospital bed. Another nurse places medicine on another boys face with a tongue dispenser. Cuts to various shots of Israeli tanks and troops walking through a field. MS of Israeli troops searching Egyptians who hold their hands in the air. A group of Egyptian POWs walk down a dirt path with their hands on their heads. PAN of Egyptian military supply trucks. PAN of many Egyptian tanks. MS of soldiers near cannons. Ends with WS of military planes in the air.