B&W footage taken by the army during WWI in France. Depicts the deadliest battle in American history, the Meuse-Argonne Offensive.

Intertitle says " '37's' were used effectively against machine guns in the open." MS of soldiers in a field firing a small cannon. Intertitle says "But in the Argonee forests, enemy machine gun nests delayed our progress." WS of soldiers throwing grenades into a field from inside trenches, then rushing forward towards the smoke. Intertitle says "In three days our army had smashed through the first two enemy defense systems." MS of soldiers carrying wounded soldiers on a stretcher. Very short LS of soldiers marching in a straight line. More quick shots of fields and trees post battle. The trees are burned and the fields strewn with debri and possibly a few bodies. Soldiers marching towards the camera with horses. The BG appears barren and blasted. Some soldiers are injured with bandages, one is being carried on a stretcher. The soldiers look optimistic. MS shot of a soldier smoking a cigar and reading a letter. Intertitle says "Decorations". Has a cartoon of three soldiers all injured and grinning. An older soldier pins medals to young soldiers uniforms and shakes their hands. Intertitle says "Supplies had to be brought up before further advances could be made." Various shots of wagons, trucks, tractors, horses and soldiers marching down roads. Very quick shot of a few soldiers digging a trench. Intertitle says "On October 4th, we renewed the attack against the now strongly reinforced enemy." A large cannon goes off concealed by camouflage mesh. Soldiers repeatedly fire a small cannon on wheels in quick succession. WS of people running from the cannons which are exploding in a field, there are some houses in the FG. Three soldiers crouch in rocks while they fire a large machine gone.