Intertitle says "Worst U.S. floods." Violent waves slam against a small lighthouse. A flood washes away a small shack. A man in uniform and a child try to ride bicycles through a flood. A large ship is tilting sideways in a city. Intertitle says "Undeclared Wars (Spain)." Men on horses run by, POV low to the ground. Soldiers run through the street, some carrying guns. Intertitle says "China." A large cannon goes off. ELS of a bomb exploding in a town. Soldiers run towards a fire. A grinning man is tied to another man's back as they climb over rubble. Quick EWS of a plane dropping bombs. Soldiers run away from an explosion while a Rising Sun Flag waves in the wind (war flag of imperial Japanese army). Quick shot of a giant explosion. Intertitle says "Canada Honors U.S. President." Roosevelt is honored in a ceremony. FDR cuts a ribbon while sitting in a car and laughing. Intertitle says "George VI Visits Paris." ELS of a motorcade with horses. Street filled with flags. A blimp moves through the FG. Royal peole wave from cars in the motorcade. A grand dinner in a large hall. Intertitle says "Europe's Zero Hour Chamberlain flies to Hitler." Men in suits board a plane, the plane takes off. Adolf Hitler walks up some stairs with a few men. Intertitle says "Modern History Four Powers Sign." Men in military uniforms stand around a desk and sign documents. Intertitle says "Eucharistic Congress New Orleans." A catholoc priest or bishop makes the sign of the cross. ELS of a large crowd. Intertitle says "Hughes Flies 'Round The World." MOV shot of an airplane from another airplane. A crowd gathers around the same airplane on the ground. A car moves towards the camera in a parade. People throw confetti. Intertitle says "Corrigan's 'Solo' to ireland." An old plane is on the ground with propeller going. A man gets out of the plane. Aerial view of a large parade with confetti and cameras flashing. CU of Corrigan with tears streaming down his cheeks.