This clip contains footage of Pearl Harbor, an address from Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Hitler, Mussolini, and WWII footage.Begins with assembly lines of weapon constructions including cannons. A newspaper headline appears: Japan at War with US. 3 Japanese envoys walk down steps as paparazzi photograph them. MS of a house in Hawaii, wind is blowing palm trees and huge clouds of smoke fill the sky. MS of a naval ship sinking and burning, smoke billows from it. Various shots of the destruction; burning building, burnt car, billowing smoke, bombed building, destroyed fighter jet and broken water pipe. Various shots of Hawaiians in the streets, 2 men carry another on a stretcher. More shots of the destruction: half sunken ships, a burning building, a burnt car, and rubble. Cuts to a news ticker: Japanese Attacks on Hawaiian Islands. People look at the news. Men in hats open newspapers detailing the war, one states: ‘Japs Bomb Hawaii” the other: ‘War is Declared on US by Japs’. MS of FDR at his desk, signing a paper, men in suits stand behind him, flashes from cameras illuminate his face. WS of German Congressional meeting, swastikas hang on either side of the wall and the back wall has a painting of the eagle holding a swastika. MS of Hitler speaking and pounding his fists at a podium. WS of the room as silhouettes of hands salute him. WS of large crowd outside Mussolini’s balcony. A shot of him from behind on the balcony as he waves to the crowd. MS of him speaking in uniform on the balcony, he holds his belt. WS of the crowd. Newspaper headline appears: US Votes War. Cuts to FDR during one of his fireside chats speaking into a microphone about entering WWII, he sits at his desk near a fire place and American flags surround him. Cuts to NBC radio corespondents who sit with headphones. MS of multiple cameramen. MCU of FDR talking into the microphone. 2 shots of naval ships firing cannons. WS of naval ships at sea and lights from firing cannons. MCU of Fleet Admiral William Halsey Jr. MS of a ship carrying troops arrive on the beach. MS of famous raising of the American flag at Iwo Jima.