This clip shows imagery from World War 2 in the United States, Germany, Italy, and Japan.

Opens to a wide shot of the Hoover Dam.

Several shots of electrical towers lead to a close-up ("CU") of a worker pushing up a number of knife switches, presumably to get electrical power running.

CU of front page of New York Times headline “Senators Oppose the League of Nations,” published Saturday March 19, 1921. CU of Chicago Daily News headline “Senate Passes Tariff Bill by 44 to 42 Vote,” published Saturday June 11, 1930. CU of Evening Star headline “Dry Law Now Operative,” Wednesday October 29, 1919.

A few different political rallies are shown for presidential candidate Robert Taft, presidential candidate Dewey, and President Franklin Roosevelt.

CU of Nazi propaganda. Books on display are shown; cuts to a Nazi book burning and fire imagery superimposed on famous literary titles.

Shot of gothic church roof leads into CUs of an all boys choir. Children play on a playground in a park. A girl indoors is drawing; another is painting; CUs of kids’ artworks are shown. CU of child at blackboard cuts to children running and playing outside. Girls in dresses skate. A boy is pumping air into his bike tire. CU of Nazi flag flying in the wind. School boys play on military equipment while German soldiers look on.

A CU of the Japanese flag flying in the wind. Soldiers camouflaged with grass lie on the ground and point their guns offscreen; a quote is superimposed on the soldiers: “To die for the Emperor is to live forever— Japanese Army Slogan.”

A CU of the Italian flag flying in the wind. Young boys running through a pastoral landscape; a quote is superimposed on the running boys: “Three cheers for war, noble and beautiful above all—Mussolini.” The boys lie on the ground, put on gas masks, and point guns at the oncoming adult soldiers. Children coming out of a building give money to a Red Cross Japanese earthquake relief fund.

The German army’s band plays as it marches into a crowded square; a fatherly and satisfied Hitler looks on. Hitler and his entourage walk past soldiers and citizens making the Nazi salute.

A large crowd of Japanese people with their nation’s flag march through a city square.