This newsreel contains footage of the Japanese attack on China, USS Panay, the beginning of WWII including the German occupation of France, bombings, and Franklin Roosevelt addressing an audience about America’s entrance into the war.Begins with an explosion and burning buildings. MS of a cameraman surrounded by smoke as he winds the machine. A crying mother holds a baby, a man exiting a tunnel also carries a baby with a bandage around the head. WS of Chinese people with carts in the street. Cuts to neutral American ship Panay sailing on the Yangtze River. WS of a fighter jet in the air. Norman Alley onboard the ship films the plane, crosscuts of Alley and the plane. MS of wounded soldiers onboard the bombed ship. Shots of the damaged Panay on the river. WS of the World’s Faire in New York. MS of a huge crowd of paparazzi. MS of the Mayor cutting a ceremonial ribbon. Various shots of people entering the faire and walking about. MCU of Hitler saluting, nazi troops march through a square, MS of Hitler speaking at a podium. WS of Nazi troops marching in unison. Superimposition of marching Nazi troops and a map of Germany and France. WS from a British ship, the coast lays in front as soldiers march towards it. MS of Hitler and other military officers in a room, Hitler is pointing at a paper on a desk. LS of German troops driving through Paris. Various shots of French people saluting, young children salute as troops walk past, a young woman saluting sobs into her coat, an older woman cries into her handkerchief, WS of people saluting. MS of Hitler and officers looking at a map. Various shots of French people outside, a large line up of people stand on grass, 2 women hold bowls with spoons. LS of a band in front of a train car. WS of fighter jets flying. WS of a recently bombed town on fire. Cuts to Franklin Roosevelt at congress in Washington DC, people on the floor clap. MS of Roosevelt at a podium addressing a crowd and speaking into microphones. Various shots of planes, ships, soldiers, and boxes of TNT.