This newsreel contains footage of the end of WWII, including the end of Nazi occupation in France and the bombing of Hiroshima, Americans and French celebrating, and troops returning. Begins with then mayor of New York Fiorello La Guardia standing between Abbott and Costello, they talk, joke, and shake hands. MCU of Hitler, he sits in his Nazi uniform surrounded by other Nazis, his hands are folded in his lap and he looks off. Newspaper appears: Invasion. WS from a fighter jet as missiles detonate on parked fighter jets. WS of a large explosion on a road. MS of then General Eisenhower and 2 other uniformed men pointing at a map. Newspaper appears: Nazis Yield, Paris Freed. PAN of an car with American soldiers and an American flag driving through a street in France, French people on either side cheer for them. PAN of the crowd. Tracking shot as a smiling couple chases and waves after a car. MS of 3 generals speaking. A soldier drinks a beer. A group of French citizens hold up the 2 fingered symbol for peace. Tanks drive through a street, the Arc de Triomphe in BG. WS of a crowd around the Arc. Newspapers appears: Allies Plunging Deep into Reich, Allies Swarm Across Rhine. A view of a river from a bridge, PAN to show a US soldier in right corner, troops in a car drive on the bridge in BG. Newspaper appears: Mass Surrender of Foe Underway. German POWs run down a dirt path with their hands raised. A nazi flag burns. Various shots of Americans celebrating, they wave flags and set off fireworks. Cuts to aerial shot of a circular table, men sit around it. PAN of men seated outside including Truman and Stalin. Cuts to map of Japan, including the Sea of Japan and Korea. WS of a plane flying. Aerial shot of a bomb being dropped and smoke clouds. Newspaper appears: Japs Ask Peace! WS aerial of Americans celebrating, they wave flags. WS of the Statue of Liberty. Aerial shot of a ship filled with troops. Various shots of ships with troops waving and smiling. Superimposition of troops marching.