This clip contains footage of the Bonus Army in Washington DC, riots in Germany followed by the election of Adolf Hitler, the presidency of Franklin Roosevelt, the end of prohibition, violent revolution in Cuba, newsreel cameraman Joe Gibson, and Benito Mussolini. Begins with WS of men outside the White House, the men receive food and are carrying plates and cups. Various shots of men being given food or water. CU of a man scooping hash browns out of a pan and putting it on a man’s plate. Cuts to a riot in Germany, various WS of a large crowd of people and uniformed men riding horses. MS of members of the Nazi Party walking up the steps of a building. Crosscuts of men outside the building, and men in suits and uniforms entering. Cuts to the congress cheering for their new chancellor Adolf Hitler, they raise their hands up and down in unison. MS of Hitler walking, people on the side lift their arms in salute. Cuts to the US where a riot is occurring. MS of officers on horses beating people with clubs, a man fights with an officer, an officer pushes a screaming woman into a police car, men throwing smoke grenades at the Aviation Incorporation. Cuts to a car passing cottages, MCU of Franklin Roosevelt smiling. WS of a large crowd in line on the sidewalk. Cuts to interior of bar as bartenders pass drinks to a huge crowd behind the bar. MS of the bar as hands reach under the fence and bartenders place bottles into plastic bags. Cuts to men running down the sidewalk. MS of uniformed men loading a cannon. MS of uniformed Cubans and Joe Gibson winding his camera. MS of men climbing a ladder into a government building. Shots of people throwing furniture into the street. MS of Gibson being carried out of an ambulance. Cuts to Mussolini on a horse, a large troop marches through the street, cuts back to Mussolini as he waves his hand.