February 1945. Title card reads "Byrnes Calls for Greater Production." American politician/Secretary of State James Byrnes calls for a greater number of Americans to participate in war work. Cut to soldiers storming a beachhead, women and men on the assembly line in the war industry, a soldier being carted off in a stretcher while Byrnes speaks of the necessity of shared sacrifice to support the war effort. As he describes the "safety and comfort" of civilians at home, we see women playing cards, cooking, and mowing the lawn.

Second title card: "Big Three Confer." President Roosevelt and his daughter Anna attend the Yalta conference at the summer palace of Tsar Nicholas II to help determine the shape of the postwar world. Presidential advisor Harry Hopkins is in attendance. Joseph Stalin arrives with Soviet entourage. Table of Allied delegates discussing at a table. Stalin, FDR, and Winston Churchill sit next to one another with a number of advisors and diplomats behind. CU Churchill. Two shot Stalin and FDR.