In this clip, the invasion of Normandy is planned, though the VO makes it clear that the soldiers did not yet know what was coming. Open on a MWS of a soldier loading up a plane. LS of clouds in the sky, then a CU of a soldier polishing something. LS of parachutes in the sky. LS of a covered body being placed in a wagon. WS of a soldier training to use a weapon that looks like a bazooka. LS of a large sea vessel going by. LS of the beach, then a LS of a boat. Cut to an aerial shot of a warship below, followed by a CU of a weather vane. Images of stacks of wire netting, petrol, then a water pipeline, white stars painted on lanes of trucks, the inoculation of some soldiers, a ship coming out of some stocks, ships on the water, and a tracking shot of phone and radio operators follow. Next, we see a meeting of the military bosses, followed by an image of a house, then of Stalin, FDR, and Churchill all sitting in chairs (presumably from the Yalta Conference). Each head gets a CU. MS of Eisenhower and another officer coming out of a building, then a shot of the sign on his door. Next comes a shot of men examining a map of Europe. CUs and MSs of big shots at a table making plans for a coming campaign. MWS of officers walking by. More shots of officers looking authoritative. Lovely LS of planes against a sky full of white, fluffy clouds. CU, inside one of the planes as well as aerial shots of bombs being dropped.