Footage of the war in China with Japan. 

Intertitle says "Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Shek." The general and possibly his wife nod and talk to eacother in a pleased manner. Intertitle says "Emperor Hirohito Commander-in-chief of Japan's armed forces." WS of the emporer leading soldiers on horse back. Some are saluting and wearing helmets with feather plumes. Aerial shot of soldiers marching down a street. Intertitle says "Shanghai Bombed!" Bombs going off in a barren landscape. EWS of planes flying through the clear sky. POV shot from behind the pedals of a man driving a vehicle. Large bomb goes off. Soldiers standing around a very large machine gun, one looks through binoculars. WS of soldiers firing a cannon mounted on wheels while the Japanese flag waves in the wind. More bombs explode. Soldiers flee gun fire and shoot at eachother, some laying on the ground. Aerial shot of planes flying. Three large bombs go off at once. Soldiers rush forward carrying their guns with mounted handles. Soldiers mingle with civilians. A woman sheds tears while speaking with a soldier. Shot of people waving on a small American boat in the port. LS pans over the city sky line filled with smoke. People help the injured and flee the smoky city. Two young boys run towards the camera jumping over debri. More people evacuate the partialy demolished city while it continues to smoke. They have their posessions with them and are on foot. WS of a crowd bustling through the street, most are wearing white. Two men carry an older man through debri using a chair tied to a bar. Various shots of the city and the destruction from the bombs. Windows blown out, buildings demolished. People on ladders against a building. An injured young boy is moved from one stretcher to another. The injured and dead are being carted off, some in stretchers, others in the back of trucks. People sweep the debri with small brooms. ELS of a building on fire and smoking.