Footage of fashion hats, and a feud in Cyprus.Easter Bonnets Hat Styles Bring a Breath of Spring. A woman in a hat turns her head towards the camera, CU of the hat. A woman holds a black straw hat with a white floral arrangement and puts it on her head. A woman wearing a hat of white feathers turns to the camera then looks down. The next woman wears a Belini which has a Burberry style pattern with a wide brim, that can be turned into a short cap. The next woman wears a hat adorned with flowers. Another woman wears a hat with white flowers resembling daisies. A woman looks at her reflection in a hand mirror before showing her black spattered designed hat. Cyprus Crisis Allies Seek to End Turkish Greek Feud. Various shots of students protesting, marching, chanting and holding signs. Makarios III stands on a platform in front of a crowd, someone holds a Greek flag. Makarios leans on his staff and speaks to the crowd who cheers. WS of the US Embassy. A door and window panels have been blown out. A man inside pieces a computer back together. PAN of British Headquarters. A military Jeep drives down a road. A damaged, parked car sits under an awning, nearby is a destroyed air-conditioning unit, soldiers stand by the car. Americans walk down a tarmac and board a Pan Am flight.