This clip opens with what appears to the Aden Emergency in Yemen, followed by shots in Athens and Cyprus, then a scene on President Johnson in Uruguay for talks at Punta del Este. LS of riots in BG, Uniformed man beating another man in FG. Cut to LS of uniformed man kicking a man in a turban, boy runs toward the camera with hands up. Next comes a MS of two soldiers detaining a man who yells at them, then a WS of him being placed in the back of a truck. LS of a crowd gathered in Athens, followed by a MS inside a car of Georgios Papandreou. WS of a crowd with papers flying and buildings in BG. Traveling shots with military vehicles on the roadside as well as inside a town. MWS of King Constantine II of Greece shaking hands with someone, then a MCU. Shot of an artillery weapon on a boat aiming toward the camera follows. LS of a city with cars driving in FG, then a brief POV shot of a car winding between barriers. President Makarios III of Cypress comes on screen in CU, followed by a MS of him being seated for a meeting. LS of a plane arriving, then a WS of people waiting in a crowd for President Johnson’s arrival. Suited men disembark a plane in WS. In MWS Uruguayan communists are gathered in a protest, with a cut to a MS of one of the protesters clapping and singing. LS of a building, then a MWS of a guard standing, followed by a LS of a round table with several political heads around it. MS of Lyndon B. Johnson at the table.