Enter Jet Age- Japan Air Force Gets U.S. Sabres (Dept. of Defense); April 1956; An airplane is lowered by a crane and comes to rest on a dock, where we see many completely white airplanes. We see men working on the airplanes, especially the engines. We see Japanese pilots in a classroom, learning about jet planes. We see them drive on the tarmac and up in the air, flying four in a line.

Ireland; In a large ring, surrounded by spectators at the Irish Kennel Club's annual affair, two black sheep dogs stalk four white ducks, herding them into a pen.

San Francisco, Cal. (part 1 of 2); Models at Macy's show off Easter bonnets. Then, sitting in a circle, a chef comes and decorates the hats with frosting. The women begin to eat each other's hats.