This clip contains footage of a man who had stepped on a mine, Vietnamese citizens outside the US embassy desperate to leave.Begins with a man who has just stepped on a mine being carried by soldiers. The man is placed on a gurney and loaded into a car headed for a hospital. CU of the man’s friend who was mildly injured in the blast. Cuts to the hospital where doctors and nurses administer an iv. A doctor wraps the man’s leg in bandages. CU of the friend’s face, blood is on his cheek. Cuts to various shots of Vietnamese citizens lined up outside the US embassy. Many carry papers and letters from family in the United States. MCU of a woman in a conical hat (straw hat). MCU of a little girl with a drink. Various CUs of the papers and letters people are holding. MS of the embassy, there are mostly women now. CU of a sign: Petitioners Only petitions for Wives and Children accepted now. We will inform you when petitions for other relatives will be accepted. 2 different women speak to a man asking for help, one worked for an American company.