This newsreel contains footage of the signing of the armistice during the Korean War, a speech from Eisenhower, and the release of prisoners of war. Begins with quick shot of soldiers walking in a line. Cuts to various cannons being fired and explosions. MS PAN of an injured soldier being carried on a gurney into a red cross car, a medic holds up an iv drip. Cuts to MS outside of a building, a line of troops stand at attention on either side of the door. MCU of North Korean General Nam Il signing the truce, then United States General William Harrison signing for the United Nations. CU of Eisenhower at a podium discussing the armistice signed in Korea. WS of trucks carrying POWs. MCU of a POW exiting a truck and throwing his jacket at the camera, a man pulls him away by the arm. CU of a sign stating: ‘Welcome Gate to Freedom’, with an American Flag and a United Nations flag. MS of American POWs exiting a truck, MCU of them shaking hands with military officials. CU of an American POW, soldiers hold him up. MCU of General William Dean exiting a truck. Cuts to Dean walking at night, his son in his arms, other soldiers walk along him. Cuts to MCU of Dean at a podium, he claims he is not a hero, “...just a dog-faced soldier.” Cuts to MS of a boat with service men docking. MS of service men getting off the boat and hugging their wives or girlfriends.