Title card reads. "Korea", with United Press logo in the background. Brief shots of military ambulance buses passing by on a dock (no sound). Then a shot of a cargo door of a boat unloading various Korean POWs and being lead onto military buses with the red cross on the side. There is a shot of the buses leaving and next lines of soldiers stand around with guns raised. They are driven to the POW camp in Pusan, Korea and unloaded into the camp.The camera shoots through the barbed wire fence and catches a glimpse of POWs doing exercises and milling about together and talking. Some men are on crutches. Next scene has sound and is of Queen Elizabeth. She is being marched into courtyard with the Queen's guards at her side. She stands on a raised platform behind a single mic and talks to the crowd from a piece of paper. she discusses giving away some of her guard troops to an unknown party. Next are brief scenes set in Southern Rhodesia. There is a long shot of the street and close ups of signs that say “Contemplate don’t Federate” and “Federate and Flourish”.