Opens with the press conference of a Korean solider, most likely an ex-POW, who is standing in front of several microphones and reading from a paper on the podium. In the background is a man dressed in military garb and an older Korean man. He begins by saying that he sailed from SF to Canada and then to NY and is impressed by the American people and infrastructure. He struggles pronouncing words and it is obvious he didn't write what he is saying. He concludes by stating that, "New York is the most wonderful masterpiece created by human beings and symbolizes the industrious, prosperity and freedom of the American people." The next scenes have no sound. There are many men, some dressed in suits, others in military uniforms, exiting the Lockheed Constellation airplane, nicknamed, "Connie". It has the American star and stripes on the side. They next surround an airplane engine that has been taken apart from an airplane. They next look at a fighter jet plane, the F-86 jet fighter, and talk. An air show takes place overhead of four fighter jets flying in formation and the men watch.