Military men entering a tent and talking into microphones and radios (no sound). Next scene cuts to a different tent with three men sitting in chairs in front of a long table and in jackets and military hats talking into a microphone. There is a close-up of one of the young men's faces. Next more men talking in front of the Union Jack Flag. One of the men has a big bushy beard. Men are seen leaving the tent and entering into military ambulances. There is a great shot of the ambulances leaving from the front and then the rear as they head off in a long convoy. Next is a title card that states "Paris" which is front of the United Press logo. The scene opens with a long shot of a military plane, the Lockheed Constellation nicknamed "Connie". It has the American symbol of stars and stripes on the side. Next is a medium shot of a man walking off the plane on a set of movable stairs and is then greeted by a group of men. There are close-ups of various men in suits and military grab conversing. The Orly Airport sign can been seen in the background as the men greet each other.