There is no sound until 10:24:56:00. Begins with a shot from a train boxcar pulling into a station with a sign that reads, "Munsan", which is a small town in South Korea. Next the train passes a convoy of military ambulances. Then the interior of the train car which is outfitted with bunk beds. Soldiers carry men in body bags on stretchers out of the train. They are unloaded onto military ambulances that are parked next to the train. Many military men look on and there is a camera flash. The military ambulances drive away. Title reads "London" with United Press logo in he background. Medium shot of a British man addressing the audience. Next a plane is shown taxing on the runway. An older man in a suit gets off and is greeted by a military man. Lastly is a scene with audio in a parliamentary setting. A man dressed in judge's robes address the gathering from the podium which is in front of a large dais and one other man is seated behind. The man's words are unintelligible as the non-diegetic voiceover narrator says,"In the shadows of-" and is cut off with a quick cut. Next the crowd is booing and leering while the voiceover narrator hurriedly relates that to try and quell the disturbance the lights were shut off twice.