This clip shows wounded soldiers in the battlefield. MS of injured soldier pointing at his foot while another one assists him. Side LS of soldiers running and going prone. LS of truck driving. LS of soldiers in a line walking. LS of two people carrying a person on a stretcher. LS of medical vehicles / ambulances. MS of people carrying a stretcher with a person on it. MS of people helping soldiers walk by having their arms around their shoulders. MS of the lower half of dead bodies. WS of dead bodies. MS of wounded soldiers being attended to. MS of soldiers standing in a row. MS of soldier taking something out from another soldiers pocket. MS of three men looking at a piece of paper / map. CU of one soldier’s face. CU of a man’s hand pointing at the piece of paper. STILL of map with animated arrows. WS of men running out a tent. MS of truck full of people stopping and people getting off. WS of man running with dog chasing / following him.